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Yeah, the voice of Katie Melua –  actually you should sleep while hearing her music (especially if it’s 03:33am) but I’m awake and I’m fine. J

A short while ago I was tired but it seems I withstand this phase even if I didn’t wanted to withstand it but it just happened so. Okay honestly I’m  awake because of a very good friend. She went to a party or to a “sit in” like she uses to call these outgoings . Now she’s a litle bit drunk and it was fun to write with her, but I think we both need sleep now so I’ll write her I’m going to bed.

Actually I wanted to write about my tour in the city that failed, but she made my Night. So this story will have to wait till it reaches the internet. Maybe it’ll never make it – we’ll see.

Holy Shit
Holy Mountains by System of a Down rocks.


7.11.10 03:56


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